So, I’ll admit it can be challenging to consistently be live sustainably while nomadically, such as buying fair trade clothing.

At least, that is experience l have and continue to have as an ex-pat.

That sense of familiarity you construct living in the place you have for much of your life or that you were born in quickly erodes.

And a sense of confusion, exasperation even, can settle in.

Being a sustainable shopper is increasingly possible

You effectively have to start again.

Indeed, this is something l have been grappling, having lived overseas for a few years now and when working at the United Nations.

It’s these thoughts that inspired me to write this on Conscious Consumption: 5 fair trade clothing brands you must try.

Because don’t we all want to be Eco-friendly Ninjas?

You’ll leave no footprints…

Intro – why fair trade clothing matters 

Starting off with another petty pun? Yes, what can l say they’re timeless.

Moving swiftly on, l do want to outline the growing importance of eco-friendly products and wider greener industries are having on us as consumers.

Indeed, research has shown that while people wish to ‘be green’ they expect the innovation or leadership to come from businesses.

And sure, to an extent this true.

The point is to support fair trade fashion and avoid fast fashion. 

If we as consumers want to consciously consume, we are going to need green products or sustainable products to choose from.

But then again, we as the consumers still need to be proactive in finding and then supporting those eco-friendly brands we enjoy wearing or using to enable them to grow to the point they become mainstream.

That is where schemes like the Goodlife Goals are so, well, good!

And as the goals, looking to spread awareness or enlighten others is one of the best ways to encourage progressive, sustainable change.

That’s my goal with this list. 

Unfortunately, right now it still remains noticeably trickier to find and consistently buy green products in more mainstream or conventional ways. Especially, if you live a rather nomadic lifestyle making it challenging to stick to the products you otherwise would normally buy.

Believe me, l know.

Go Green Products & Me

Seriously, l can give testament to this.

As you’ve likely noticed l witter on about being an ex-pat. But this is significant because of how it influenced my consuming habits and pushed to really take an interest in sustainability more broadly.

Many people can be deterred from fair trade fashion because of ease-of-access or availability to consistently get them.

If it is harder to find and consume the products then people will be less inclined to follow-through. I have experienced just this, having to readjust my behaviour which seems challenging, even tedious at times.

And there is another aspect that can be an even larger deterrent.

The cost.

Most often still, it is assumed that consuming green products will involve some premium product containing ingredients you’ve never heard of and a price tag to match. In the US, it is thought some would struggle to ‘go green’.

More money put into green products supports the industry widely
Business is becoming more sustainable

But this is increasingly not the case.

Once again, l relate to this, as despite being an ex-pat l have managed to practice conscious consumption living in the US. I’ve had mishaps, but I like everyone is learning and l am making the effort to consider my choices.

Which is what l would like to encourage you to do with this post.

Plus, while it may be argued it will be costly to be more sustainable, others argue the costs of not doing so will be far costlier long-run.

Others suggest it wouldn’t even be that expensive period. 

So, after spending sometime nose in a book (some British expressions are really weird), l have listed some examples below that do tick the box of being fairtrade clothing or even use eco-friendly packaging.


Isn’t that just swell? Alright, let’s get to the list.

1. Sand Cloud

I’m going to kick this list off with a fair-trade clothing brand that loves the oceans, just as l do.

Sand Cloud.

Read more sea diving via my diving posts here.

I love Sand Cloud because the originated from humble beginnings, intent on improving our relationship with the sea in a simple way: the beach towel.

But since then, they have expanded out and have really great products.

So great, that a became an Ambassador to promote their agenda of giving 10% of their profits to marine conservation.

Indeed, l was taken by so many of their products but especially like the Bamboo Sand Cloud Bottle for its sturdy, yet smart appearance.

It has travelled with me since!

2. Great North Apparel

Shifting from the stylish to a more outdoorish, active vibe is Great North Apparel.

Originating out of that icy, but supremely beautiful landscape that is Canada, these guys are hell-bent not only on producing ethical fashion but giving back to it too.

Indeed, of their profits, 10% goes directly to sustainability schemes!

And guess what?

With the code PK30, you get 30% off!

A hiker overlooking a mountain ridge in fair trade clothing
Need some hiking gear? Great North Apparel is one for fair trade clothing

So not only do you get to consume some eco-friendly products but equally, you get to do so at an even lower cost to your finances.

Seriously, they have some terrific products – just take a gander at this. It was, in fact, my first purchase and one that l use frequently whenever travelling or being active.

Now, who doesn’t keep fit, while being greener too?

3. Blue Planet Eyewear

A more specific, but a no less proponent of eco-friendly products is Blue Planet Eyewear.

This US-based brand prioritises using materials that do no let up on the style or the sun-protection. But do let up on their environmental impact.

And on top of that?

You are able to gain 20% off by following this link here!

So like before, you can not only save the environment, but you can personally save too. Now that is thoroughly convenient.

I, myself quicked snapped up these eye-catching (see what l did there) pair of aviators as just one example.

And having the ability to look so good but feel so satisfied with the positive contributions you are having, is something l am sure we can all get behind.

4. Pura Vida Bracelets

I only came across Pura Vida recently and l absolutely love them!

They are already pretty established, but even so, they have emphasised a simple artisan ethos, and it is precisely their simplicity that makes them so appealing!

Their charitable work and emphasis on giving back are the most inspiring aspect of this fair trade fashion brand.

Pretty cool right?

Well, it was cool enough for me that l partnered up with as a Brand Ambassador enabling you to gain 20% off with code PYOTRKURZIN20.

Really, l love both the diverse ranges and the vibrancy of their colours.

And while some merchandise is aimed towards women, there are plenty of uni-sex or men-orientated products too.

I especially like the Black Wave Charm, for again, its simplicity.

A tree breaking free from broken glass is part of fair trade clothing
Replant trees while supporting some eco-friendly brands

5. Tentree

Finally, Tentree is a brand that emphasises you needn’t be a treehugger to be eco-friendly or buy green products.

Though, frankly, l love trees and am not averse to hugging them.

But seriously, these guys aim to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. Yes, a billion.

Commendable no? It certainly seemed so to me which is why l became a Tentree ambassador!

And l just love their products. Their towels, like this one, are just so artistically designed.

All while being made from sustainable materials and eco-friendly packaging.

Simply the best of both worlds.

Takeaways – try out fair trade clothing 

So there you go!

A quick, but hopefully informative post about some brands and just what sustainable, ethical options are out there.

a water droplet on a leaf to signify green products
Many of us will fear sustainability = $$$. It doesn’t have to!

As these have shown, the options for conscious consumers is ever-growing and enabling more of us to make informed choices.

And these are just the ones l alerted you to. It is always worth taking a moment to search for yourself depending on what you’re after.

You never know what you’ll find.

Are there any other brands or items you want me to cover in future posts? Be sure to let me below!


  • Pyotr Kurzin is the founder of My Global Muse, a space to talk about travel, sustainability, wellbeing and more. He works in climate change and humanitarian affairs, while loves to travel, dive, learn and more in his free time.

Pyotr Kurzin

Pyotr Kurzin is the founder of My Global Muse, a space to talk about travel, sustainability, wellbeing and more. He works in climate change and humanitarian affairs, while loves to travel, dive, learn and more in his free time.


Shire · 2 April 2020 at 03:15

Thank you for telling us more about these brands. I’m always on the lookout for ways to be more eco-conscious and this really helps!

    Pyotr Kurzin · 2 April 2020 at 04:36

    Thanks, Shire, glad you found them useful. Be sure to look into them in more detail and support their efforts.

Katy Liang · 1 April 2020 at 22:39

I love tentree! I love that they use materials that would otherwise just be waste, and that they’ve planted millions of trees around the world now! I actually have a few items from them, including a backpack that I’ve used on my travels. Can’t stop raving about them 😛

Jasmine · 1 April 2020 at 14:29

I’m always on the lookout for eco-friendly brands, so this is helpful! I know about Sand Cloud and Pura Vida. Those are great brands, and I’m sure the others are good as well!

    Pyotr Kurzin · 2 April 2020 at 04:40

    Glad to hear it and that you know of some of them. Be sure to try the others out too.

Anna · 1 April 2020 at 14:28

Super helpful resource! Would like to be more mindful in this area

    Pyotr Kurzin · 2 April 2020 at 04:39

    Happy to help. There is plenty more we can do so please share it around!

Chyna | Made New Mama · 1 April 2020 at 14:27

Thank you for the enlightening post. Reading this article makes me more aware of the option out there that are better for the environment.

    Pyotr Kurzin · 2 April 2020 at 04:38

    Glad you enjoyed the post!

World In Eyes · 29 March 2020 at 10:05

It is very informative Article, nature will reclaim if we will not be Eco-friendly, thanks for sharing these good brands.

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