Gifts for scuba divers could seem pretty niche.

Especially if you’re not a diver! It could seem bloody complicated.

As some of you may know, l have been diving for many years, over 15 now.

I am a passionate, experienced recreational diver, but you get too technical, and l am out…

Like getting out of the ocean out…

Yea, probably trying too hard to be clever with that one

However, with this list of gifts for scuba diving that has changed!

All the gifts here l have bought for myself or fellow scuba diving lovers.

So, l can genuinely endorse their quality, practicality and style.

With that, let’s dive into these top 10!

There might even be a bonus gift at the end…

Intro – knowing which gifts for scuba divers

So, if you’re reading this, it might seem sensible to think that you’re quite familiar with scuba diving.

Since to be honest, diving is a little of a niche sport.

To many, it can seem something hardcore, an extreme sport.

Even, though once they try, they’ll likely leave feeling the exact opposite.

Guess you could say, they’ve gotten hooked…

(Another great ocean-themed pun.)

Still,  whether they are a diving veteran or only recently completed their advanced open water, buying them a gift could be tricky.

How does one know what to buy divers?

  • Scuba diving equipment can be both specialist and expensive. So, this makes it difficult if you’re not a diver yourself, knowing where to start or what to consider purchasing.
  • Or perhaps they’re such a diving fanatic, or scuba instructor, that they have all the technical necessities and so something simple, light-hearted is better.

Either way,  these ideas for top 10 gifts for scuba divers is just what you need.

1. Reef friendly sunscreen

Kicking off the list is a product all divers will appreciate.

We want to be both sun-safe and environmentally friendly, right?

So, sustainable sunscreens are just a basic need.

When heading out for their dive, or completing their advanced open water, divers need to protect their skin before dressing up as a penguin in wetsuits.

But that’s not all.

As a diver, environmental protection is going to be a priority.

So it would then be equally nonsensical, that any diver would then want to use sunscreen which actively harms coral reefs or explains why coral reefs are dying right?

Therefore, that makes reef-friendly sunscreens a must.


Well, research and empirical evidence show the oils or ingredients in mainstream sunscreens completely screw marine life – including exacerbating coral reefs bleaching.

So, that needs to be stopped.

reef-friendly sunscreens dont act as threats to coral reefs and are perfect gifts for scuba divers

Unless, as divers, we want to be classical hypocritical, by harming the very environments we are diving to observe and enjoy.

Makes sense, right?

Sadly, unfriendly environmental sunscreens are but of many threats to coral reefs.

Read about another here.

One which you can personally help prevent too by clicking here. 

2. Bamboo sunglasses

So, you have protected your skin from the sun.

But, now you’re going to need some sunnies to stop its glare right?

And, that’s where these sustainable, polarised and bamboo sunglasses from Panda come in.

They float too.

Really, this is one of the main reasons l love wearing them.

Anytime l head out boating or just anywhere near a watery environment, l can wear these without a worry, as they will never sink away!

Panda glasses are ideal for this.

For all those times when your special scuba diving someone enthusiastically enters the ocean, forgetting to remove their sunglasses, they won’t have to stress!

These are yet another product l personally own. Swole Panda - Black Bamboo Sunglasses with Pouch and Case  SP001: Clothing
l can’t recommend them enough. I literally take them everywhere.

Really, they’re probably my most used item on this list.

I can’t underline how good they are for their quality, comfort and style!

Plus their value is so good considering the materials they’re made from and their cause!

So, get them here as part of all your gifts for scuba divers!

3. A dry bag

Alright, so your diver has their sunscreen and their sunnies, but where will they store them?

In comes the dry bag!

a piscifun is ideal for storing any scuba diving equipment
How useful is this? Seeing into your bag is such a plus!

Not only are they properly practical, but if you find the right one – which l have and saved you all that work – they can also be thoroughly tasteful too. They’re simply very multi-purpose.

Not only does it allow you to store some minor scuba diving equipment – say your dive cards. It will also keep them all 100% dry and allow you to see the items held within since they are transparent.

That means you don’t have to spend ages rummaging around.

And why the Piscifun version is the one to go for. Get yours here.

Plus, for only $9, how can you go wrong?

4. Scuba tank bottle

Next, while at onboard the boat or at the beach a diver is going to need a drink no?

But they won’t be using plastic bottles now, will they?

No, of course not.

They will have their own sustainable, reusable bottle. Read here about their travel benefits!

And so, what could be better than combining the two into a diving-themed scuba tank bottle?

Most divers tend to have an interest in the natural environment, which makes a sustainable-themed product as a reusable bottle, something a diver will really value.

Read more: Sustainable Travel: 10 surprising but seriously simple tips.

a reusable scuba tank-themed water bottle is great for even a scuba instructor

Seriously, bottles like these are very handy.

Especially for those who will be adventurous, mobile and likely need a product which is sturdy – capable of handling energetic lifestyles.

And who comes into that category more than a scuba diver?

What’s more, as gifts for scuba divers go, this is one that will complement the professional-looking and orientated scuba diving equipment.

For such a simple product, you can’t really go wrong!

Get yours here.

5. Shadow divers thriller book

So, while your scuba diving lover is chilling between dives, they will need some to do.

Then what could be better than a diving thriller book?

They can dive into that sense of unpredictability, of what will happen next while waiting to get back in the water!

Think of any thriller you have read.

They can be gripping, right?

Well, what’s better than by then combining this with diving? As thriller books go, this is a pretty epic one with the bonus of being all about diving.

Click here for your own diving thriller!

Plus, there are plenty of memorable scuba diving quotes to put one’s mind in the right place.

a thriller book and scuba diving, what more do you need?

But, seriously, this book is a solid and entertaining way to see another side to the activities of diving, and how, if in the right place, at the right time, you can make a predominantly recreational activity, seriously adventurous and like something out of Indiana Jones.

If Indiana Jones could dive…

Either way, this is a great product l, myself, can vouch for and offers something a little different to the numerous dive guides or divemaster course books divers are likely used to reading.

Check it out!

6. Digital luggage scale

The biggest drawback with diving?

Or at least factor that might dissuade people from taking up the activity, let alone scuba diving jobs, is the quantity of the equipment and weight involved.

Seriously, this can prove to be a problem.

Think to those times when you were planning a trip, or already in the airport at check-in when suddenly, you discover your luggage is overweight.

Not only is it a surprise, it’s a costly surprise.

As you can read more on here.

So as a diver, who’s likely used to carrying half-a-wardrobes worth of scuba diving equipment, the consequences of misjudging their weight will be an even more challenging, unpleasant experience.

So, introducing a digital luggage scale.

If the threat of overweight luggage is a real possibility for someone you, then they seriously will benefit from having a digital scale.

a suitcase weight scale is the most important item to have for scuba diving jobs

Otherwise, just how are they judging the weight? That is hella impressive.

As gifts for scuba divers go, this is one that is essential. And one they will greatly appreciate receiving from you.

Definitely worth the investment!

Buy it here.

7. Flipside wallet

Now, what would really complement that dry bag?

What about a waterproof wallet?


But not just any wallet. But one that allows you to store whatever is needed or desired with that scuba diving fan.

As long as it fits in the wallet…

But jokes aside, this flipside wallet acts as a terrific, yet simple addition to any divers gear, whether they are starting out or a full-time scuba instructor.

a flipside wallet is a MUST if you're planning a divemaster course

Indeed, l use one for all my dive cards!
And to top it off?

Its crush-resistant. So, your gift receiver won’t ever have to deal with any broken or bent debit/credit cards either!

Epic or what?

Get it here.

8. Get yourself a Pela Case

Now, number 9 is a fun but useful travel utility to consider!

What is better to get those diving vibes going than an ocean/animal-themed phone case?

gifts for scuba divers cant exclude pela cases
And with this special offer, you get even more!

Guaranteed to get any diver in the mood every time they use their phone!

And, what’s more?

Since it acts as another protective layer, specifically a waterproof one, it will be deal for divers heading out on liveaboards!

So, click here to get your own Pela Case. 

Like a dry bag is for all your possessions, a phone case like this is for the most important one.

Plus, you can even keep your dive cards to hand.

So, the case of being both practical whiles also decorated with a pretty picture.

Just winning all round.

9. Dive Atlas – a super scuba diving book

So what for those periods between diving holidays?

When all your scuba diving lover has to do is reminisce about their last trip?

Well, the best to think of the next places they want to visit! By diving headfirst into a good photo and guide book.

And this is one good book (get it here).

I received it as a Christmas gift a few years ago, and l can’t emphasise enough just how much it influenced all my subsequent dives.

Seriously, after reading only a fraction of it, I chose all my dive destinations based on the details and suggestions that it outlined.

And who wouldn’t be?

one of the best scuba diving books period

The photography is top-notch and really gets you in the mood to explore as many different dive sites as possible.

But it also gives you a delightfully artistic perspective with the vibrant and diverse set of photos and simple, yet engaging writing style.

As scuba diving books go, it’s probably the best out there right now.

I highly recommend it for beginners or experts alike!

10. Diving trips – ideal gifts for scuba divers

And finally, what’s better than any piece of scuba diving equipment or scuba diving books?

An actual scuba diving trip!

Viator is the perfect travel operator to book as one of many gifts for scuba divers

Nothing can be better than getting another chance to let them do what they love best, am l right?

Especially if they are done via operators who are responsible and eco-conscious. So that’s where the strengths of Viator as a travel operator really shine.

And why you must arrange a trip with them!

I recently did so on my trip to San Juan Puerto Rico (click here) and l couldn’t have had a better time!

Simply because they made an effort to support local businesses and suggest ideas that are important to me.

Namely, sustainability and eco-travel.

Hence, they can do the same for you. Go check them out!

Bonus gift: a shark bottle opener

And what of that final bonus?

Well, it’s less of a surprise since you’ve read the subtitle… but pretend you didn’t…

Picture it:

  • Your special diving someone climbs out from the sea and dumps their heavy scuba diving equipment.
  • They remove their mask, snorkel and dive computer, before securing their tank and putting things tidily away.
  • Then its time to celebrate a job well done, by cracking open a thoroughly deserved reward, which will usually involve a beer.a shark bottle opener cant be beaten as a gifts for scuba divers go

But, alas!

There is no bottle opener…

So, what is one to do?

Well, remain calm as your special diving someone whips out their shark-themed bottle opener!

Not only do they SAVE the day, but they look damn cool in the process.

Takeaways – plenty of gifts for scuba divers

So, see (or sea)?

Just how easy it is to find, not only numerous potential gifts for scuba divers but such a diverse amount!

If you buy anywhere from one to all, any of these products will be well received by that special diving someone.

Heck, it might even motivate them to search scuba diving jobs!

What do you think of the list? Have l missed anything? Have you got any of these?

Leave me a comment to let me know!


  • Pyotr Kurzin is the founder of My Global Muse, a space to talk about travel, sustainability, wellbeing and more. He works in climate change and humanitarian affairs, while loves to travel, dive, learn and more in his free time.

Pyotr Kurzin

Pyotr Kurzin is the founder of My Global Muse, a space to talk about travel, sustainability, wellbeing and more. He works in climate change and humanitarian affairs, while loves to travel, dive, learn and more in his free time.


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