Education is the premise of progress, in every society.

(Kofi Annan)

Disclosure: There are affiliate links below, which help support the running of MGM.

This A-Z (lite) resource library contains some of my favourite materials and services on becoming more conscious in daily life.

Some of which led to the MGM blog.

From sustainability to travel to history, to geography, or even to your own self! They’re all about life or self-improvement.

Since educating ourselves in a never-ending journey!

Rousing reads to powerful podcasts, to eco-products, travel hacks, or even a Ted talk or two, this resource library is jam-packed. Its all meant to be informative yet entertaining or encourage behavioural change.

Still sceptical?

Sure, l get that.

Well, this is a hub for everything l can guarantee their quality or credibility. All the contents listed are items or services l have used or have been recommended by friends and family who have used them.

Bottom line: everything we consume should have a long shelf-life – even if it doesn’t come off of a shelf. 

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