Safe journey messages can make all the difference when travelling.

Bit it a long or short, receiving some happy and safe journey wishes can really help with anxiety or stress, we all likely experience.

Follow these 7 simple yet overlooked travel safety tips too.

Here’s a little story

In 2015, l was still a student, and in April found out l was heading to Australia on exchange…

To say l was quite excited is understatement.

Moving across the globe, to live and study was one of the most thrilling prospects for a 22-year-old, who loves travelling.

But with that thrill also came apprehension.

Some realisation that l would literally be on the other side of the world, and so far from everything l knew familiar.

What if l needed to return?

Will l be able to manage living such a distance away?

These questions and more are answered in my post on being an expat.

These were genuine questions l felt at the time, although frankly, l was 90% decided that l wanted to go.

And l did.

But the final factor came from my own family who shared words like these 14 safe journey messages below.

And if they made that little difference to a young guy heading down under, just imagine the difference they could have for your loved ones setting of on a major tougher or longer journey!

So, l hope get good use out of these safe travel quotes.

Quote 1

To start off this list of safe journey quotes, l chose to go with a quote quite light-hearted.

Quite ridiculous even.

Its sad l couldn’t locate who said these words, but they are definitely on point.

Particularly, during the events of covid-19, staycations really have become a big deal.

But for the times, when we can travel, taking your time, and travelling when you feel comfortable, when you’re to do so, is crucial.

Especially in the aftermath of a pandemic.

The only l don’t condone, is eating excessive amounts to gain that weight…

Stay healthy kids.

Quote 2

This quote is quite powerful, almost to the point it sounds like they are talking about someone going off to war, more than a quick trip…

Know what l mean?

Like the person who said these words never expected to see their loved one ever again…

Hopefully, your messages aren’t for someone going on such a treacherous journey.

But still, sharing inspiring words, including safe journey messages, can be impactful enough, without too much scrutiny of the details.

Just receiving the words can be enough.

Quote 3

I like this quote, because of just how universal it is.

Be it a quick trip, or a long backing journey, always expect the unexpected.

Its what makes travelling so much fun – frankly the best part right?

And so, the relevance of happy and safe journey wishes can only add to that!

Quote 4

See this quote is a classic example among happy and safe journey wishes.

While travel can be scary, may be a little intimidating, it is an absolute MUST.

There is nothing that comes close.

I wouldnt trade any of the physical stuff for all the places and activities l have experienced.

And so, the rightly placed words like safe journey messages can play a part in that too.

Quote 5

For me, this quote captures everything about the perks of travel and why to travel.

What is the point in anything, in life, if you stick to your comfort zone.

How boring will that be?

Now we dont all have to trek to Antarctica.

But its the principle of getting out there and experiencing something new, challenging oneself to go somewhere new.

Its the BEST feeling.

Quote 6

I like the light-heartedness and silliness of this quote.

Because who doesnt love seeing a blue sky?

I do – it literally makes me feel more energised.

And well thats just generally.

So imagine the combo with travelling somewhere on adventure.

Ok, l have focused on the sky bit, but the safety bit is equally relevant here, and well, yes, simple safe flight quotes like these are great to share to your loved ones.

Quote 7

This is a pretty liberating message.

I am certain it will support you looking to share your wanderlust photos and experiences on IG.

Plus the mention of ‘stay safe’ during these covid-19 times rings even more true.

Share it around.

Quote 8

As safe travel quotes go, this one reminds me of that song by Miley Cyrus. ‘The Climb’.

As in, its about the journey not destination.

Granted thats more about the journey of life, but don’t be party pooper, a buzzkill.

Its as applicable to the literal travels we all take, apart from the queues in the airport .

That aspect of the journey we can do without.

Quote 9

This post l just liked because of its pretty clear emphasis…

To be safe.

Certainly hits home as an example of safe journey messages!

But its simple and one that can be appreciated by anyone travelling.

Quote 10

Now, l do not know fully who St. Augustine was, but he had a way with words.

I love the reference to the book.

Such a simple metaphor, but so on point.

And one worth spreading as far as possible.

Quote 11

Another classic quote, which is as suitable fitting among happy and safe journey wishes.

Tzu is right to say that travels dont have to rushed.

They dont have to large and dramatic.

Even the smallest, simplest travels can yield a big impact to ones life.

Its the fact you got out there to experience that is the big thing.

And encouraging people through safe journey messages will definitely make that difference.

Quote 12

Again, another quote as relevant to life as it is to travel.

Adams hits home with how travel might seem risky, but usually, it will be for the good and help you become the person you were supposed to be.

A bit like my Australia story, l didnt know whether l should move abroad, but then came to feel that if l gave up that opportunity, l would regret it.

And l am SO glad l didnt as l feel it really influenced important subsequent l then made.

Quote 13

This is uncommon thought, but a cool one.

When we travel, as we are with life, we are only stuck with ourselves 24/7.

So while travelling its crucial to make sure you’re content with yourself.

Travel safe also means being mentally content, mentally at peace which isnt something enough of us consider.

But if you’re not content, they you wont be safe and settled during times when you may need to be to maximise your experiences.

Quote 14

And to round it off, a fun, yet all-encompassing quote.

Thanks Keoghan for that essential reminder the world is waiting for us.

Filled with epic experiences, magical memories and fantastic friendships.

And all that someone can be pushed to pursue through the simple share of safe travel quotes like these.

So, off you go!


Travelling wide and far isnt for everyone.

But travel at least a little is essential for everyone.

And so the role a simple set of reassuring words can have is tremendous.

Which is what these 14 best safe journey messages has been all about.

To act as safe flight quotes or happy and a safe journey wishes, they may make all the difference for people apprehensive about their travels.

Make good use of them!

Have you any fav quotes? Any l missed out?

Let me know by leaving a comment!

And be sure to share these safe journey messages around.


  • Pyotr Kurzin is the founder of My Global Muse, a space to talk about travel, sustainability, wellbeing and more. He works in climate change and humanitarian affairs, while loves to travel, dive, learn and more in his free time.

Pyotr Kurzin

Pyotr Kurzin is the founder of My Global Muse, a space to talk about travel, sustainability, wellbeing and more. He works in climate change and humanitarian affairs, while loves to travel, dive, learn and more in his free time.


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