Travelling with friends can be a coming of age moment.

Was for me, and so l decided to compile 15 of my favourite travelling with friends quotes on it.

(You’re welcome.)

Now, solo trips have their place. So do family travels.

But there is something particular, something so energising about friends travelling together that makes it unique.

So, why not some quotes about travelling with friends?

Making my own travelling friends quotes

Pre-covid times, the best, epic example of that was during a trip to San Juan and Puerto Rico.

(Literally a week before lockdowns began…)

You can read the story of those calamities adventures here.

Though only one week together, l amassed a group of locals and tourists. And we spent the entirety of the trip, exploring, adventuring, getting lost and everything in between.

Too many a laugh was had in La Factoria in Old Town San Juan.

And now we still remain in touch via a WhatsApp Group – just beautiful, bromancy stuff.

(Yes, that is us in the cover pic of this post.)

Seriously, it was stellar, and if l could remember some of the banter, some of the exchanges (drunk or not), l would sure turn them into travelling friendship quotes.

Hmm, think l am having a moment.

Still, while l deal with that, enjoy these 16 Travelling With Friends Quotes Guaranteed To Make You Wanderlust.

Quote 1

Starting off these travelling friendship quotes is one that is actually a Turkish proverb.

One that l actually hadn’t ever heard before.

But am SO glad l encountered it while creating this post.

I think it sums up this post quite nicely, yet, we’re just getting started!

Now, technically that is a dirt track in the pin background, but hey, l felt it befitted the vibes of Turkey and Middle Eastern region vibes sooo.

Plus its as applicable to life as much as actually travelling with friends!

Quote 2

So, contrasting to the short, succinct message of quote 1, is a longer, broader one.

I like this because it explicitly refers to the importance of a friend as a travel companion, compared to a father, brother or anything family member.

Travelling with friends is unique and vital part of your travelling experience.

So, here is a top example of quotes about travelling with friends.

You’re welcome.

Quote 3

Next, is a quote very similar to that of quote 1, but as short and sweet.

Izaak really had a good idea when putting these words together because it can be about that upcoming trip to Barcelona or that upcoming move to Barcelona, which means a big life journey and change.

Am l getting a bit deep?

Hey, it made sense to me.

Still as quotes on friendship travels go, this is great one for any wall or anywhere frankly!

Quote 4

When l first read this quote l was bit confused.

I wondered how it related to travelling with friends quotes, as it doesnt exactly refer to friends.

However, it eventually dawned on…

Shirley was talking about the benefits and value of actively making friends when travelling.

Or simply the lessons and value of travel period.

In that, you develop yourself from travelling, which includes making friends, who you then might travel with.

Neat eh?

Quote 5

Now, l am not sure who said these words, but l kind of feel they are stating the obvious.

Equally, l don’t fully agree with it


As, just cause you travel with someone doesnt mean you will remain friends…

I am certain any of you reading this will have had a trip where you travelled with someone, but over the trip, relations became a little estranged, a little intense.

Like you need a break from one another after such a concentrated time together.

Im talking sense right?


Ok l am being deliberately provocative to make this an amusing read.

Travel will make you life long friends.

And take my word as someone visiting 80+ countries.

I have many a friend who l know will last indefinitely!

Quote 6

After that previous post, l unintentionally, but jokingly, butchered, here is a top notch example of friend travelling quotes.

Cahill, you’ve made a gem with these words.

Indeed, travels are built on experiences, of which friendships are the best and most valuable.

Since when did you ever count the miles?

Unless you were counting your step counter…

Quote 7

This quote is powerful, as much as it is applicable beyond only travel.

On travels and adventures, you can face some of the biggest self-development, which may include challenging times.

And so the importance or worth of having a friend during travel is huge.

Travelling with friends really does give the opening to test just how deep that friendship is.

But also, strengthen and develop new ones, which are just unparalleled to making friends in any other context.

Apart from being at school, maybe…

Quote 8

Quite a specific quote to that of the US, l like this example among quotes about traveling with friends because of this.

Just imagine it.

Renting a car, a RV or whatever, and taking that all important road trip across the US.

East Coast to West Coast, route 66 – all that.

Sounds like the epitome of a good friendship trip!

Quote 9

Another example of quotes about travelling with friends that sadly, l couldn’t find the original author.

Even so, the words are just as pertinent.

Seriously, the worth and excitement of just packing your bags for a spontaneous trip around Europe?

Well throw a friend or friends into the mix and that is one of the best times you can have as youngster.

Beers in Prague, tapas in Valencia, pizza in Italy, or something else not food related across Europe.

Ahh, cannot think of anything better with mates.

Quote 10

Finally a quote that has a author right?

And l am glad to be able to share it on this list, as l find it a powerful one.

I have referred to this indirectly already, but Kristen’s quote here makes it that much more true.

Wouldnt you agree there is a special connection or bond you’ve developed with someone you travelled with?

Especially if you got into trouble along the way.

Nothing serious, don’t worry, not referencing Bridget Jones’ Diary and her trip to Thailand…

Quote 11

Its ok Leo, being alone can be quite an empowering, especially over travels.

If anything, traveling with friends can be so empowering.

Since your friends can help to empower you to discover something about yourself or get out of your comfort zone.

Indeed, l went skydiving in New Zealand because a newly made friend pushed me to do it.

And l was alive for it.

So thanks Alice, l still owe ya!

Quote 12

As travelling with friends quotes go, l love this one.

It makes it seem, genuinely seem, like the whole world is ready and able to provide friends wherever you visit.

Can you think of a place you want to go?

Well just imagine the experience if you go and look to make friends while there, or while going with some?

Building up a network and clan can lead to so many new opportunities, experiences and memories.

And l just love that.

Quote 13

Haha, so it seems Twain understood what l was talking about in quote 5.

See, l am not so mad or ridiculous!

Perhaps Twain puts it more concisely, but we hit on the same thing.

That travel with friends is a true test of friendship, and that even if you don’t fully learn about them…

You may or do learn a lot about yourself.

Quote 14

This is a pleasant, very real-world quote, because many friends made over your travels will be dotted across latitudes or longitudes.

As friends travelling quotes go, this one makes me think of ‘its a small world’, as it really does when you have people you know everywhere.

So, thank you David Thoreau for capturing this in a really cool quote.

It really proves the value of travelling with and sustaining friendship across the globe.

Quote 15

Oh what a great quote no?

There really is anything better than a couple of mates and travels.

I know l said it already…

But this is a travel blog, so it kind of has it coming.

And an eco-travel blog l might add.

Though l am sure you know that already too!

Quote 16

And finally, quote number 16.

What could be better than fictional cartoon character sharing their thoughts and feels about adventure?

Indeed, its Winnie the Pooh.

Now if you don’t know Winnie the Pooh, well, go rectify that immediately!

They are a charming childhood story and franchise about imagination, adventure, and friendship.

See what l did there?

As that is everything this blog post is about.

Lol, but seriously, Winnie the Pooh is fab franchise, and this, a fab quote.

Bonus quote № 17

A surprise bonus quote on traveling with friends, l like this one most because of its depth, applicability, and eloquence.

You’ll see Robert Stevenson mentioned elsewhere on my blog.

(Hint in other quote posts.)

But l feel this quote, encapsulates the feeling and vibes of travelling with friends, be it Spring Break, or throughout life.

I hope it resonates with you too.

Takeaways – travelling with friends quotes FTW

And there is 16 + 1 bonus (epic bonus right) list of quotes about travelling with friends.

I will say that while looking for some of my favourite quotes on traveling with friends, l was surprised by how few there were that explicitly mentioned travel and friendship.

Haven’t some of your most vivid memories, silliest escapades come during adventures with a travel companion or several?

Both for the practical or financial reasons.

Heck even our wellbeing?

Or like taking road trips. Of which here are 20 top road trip quotes).

Just to get you in the mood even more.

What do you think of these quotes?

Did l miss any? Are there some you disagree with?

Leave a comment letting me know!


  • Pyotr Kurzin is the founder of My Global Muse, a space to talk about travel, sustainability, wellbeing and more. He works in climate change and humanitarian affairs, while loves to travel, dive, learn and more in his free time.

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Pyotr Kurzin

Pyotr Kurzin is the founder of My Global Muse, a space to talk about travel, sustainability, wellbeing and more. He works in climate change and humanitarian affairs, while loves to travel, dive, learn and more in his free time.


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