Short quotes travel wanderlusts will love?

Now, doesn’t that sound so good? Something we can ALL do with right now?

Especially during 2020 and 2021!

With the ongoing pandemic, the very idea of travel is still very distant.

But then there is nothing like an inspiring travel quote to get you in the mood, and those that are short too!

And we love quotes generally as they give meaning or direction.

Indeed, l some of you know, l use them throughout my blog.

Especially when it comes to matters like sustainability, being a conscious consumer and how to live green on a budget.

Read more on that connection here.

But now to the list.

Here’s 20 of the best but short quite travel and expat life mottos!

Quote 1

Being a traveller means exploring new places.

Being an expat means going one further and experiencing that new place from a deeper, broader approach.

Actually living there!

This can be challenging for some, sure its not for all.

But its totally something that one should try at least once.

Quote 2

I love this inspiring travel quote, mainly because its not even that obvious.

It makes you think about its meaning.

But what is clear is that any travel is a fun event that makes me want to dance when l do it!

Certainly makes me want to take a plunge into living abroad too.

Quote 3

Now this quote is powerful.

And ever so provocative.

Because really, how much won’t you regret the choice of not travelling somewhere new?

Or risking it all and moving out there? Even for a brief period!

Quote 4

Now what could more simple than that?

Being nomadic – what is a better instructor than the road.

I feel that as l fly so much, l lack a road at times though…

Or am l being pedantic?

Quote 5

I cannot agree with this quote more.

In fact, it would well be my favourite on here.

You should NEVER really arrive of you are true traveller, nomad or even expat.

Especially if you are an expat, as it can really define who you are and what you wish to commit your life or work or whatever towards.

Quote 6

Now this quote always puzzles me slightly…

Namely, which fork?

There are 2 choices!

So surely it can then be hard to know which one to take?

Just follow your gut with that one!

Quote 7

A slightly longer but still short quote travel and expats can relate to, that l felt so pertinent l just had to include it.

Memories and experiences are the best possessions we acquire.


Material stuff is all well and good, but frankly l prefer activities and experiences!

How do you feel on that? Or you believe in a mixture?

Quote 8

Oh how relatable is this?!

Number of times l have just gone for, or been on a walk and its resulted in one of the most entertaining afternoons, periods or more!

How many times can a simple walk be one of the most exciting occasions?

Plus, you’re getting some useful exercise if anything !

Quote 9

Now this is pretty provocative right?

If you’re happy in yourself, there are some crucial changes that probably need to be addressed.

Travel or being an expat are so usually just you with yourself.

So, its imperative you are content in your own company.

Quote 10

This is essentially my motto.

Well, not even.

I just think is as a natural reaction when l hear people saying they dont like flying or travel?

How is that EVEN possible?

Not to want to see the world – its the FIRST thing on my mind and list.

Quote 11

Another of the longer quotes – only 2 l promise.

But this is so good, insightful and inspiring.

Seriously, it got me thinking about what drives my reason to live how l do or act how l do.

I wanted to move abroad so decided to do JUST THAT.

And l wasn’t going to be deterred by some people close to me who thought it was a waste or wouldnt result in anything beneficial.

Now, here l am lived in 6 countries in only a few years and wouldn’t swap any of it.

Sorry, did l go off a bit there?

Quote 12

Know how l said how quote 5 was my fav inspiring travel quote…

Yea, l lied.

This is by far my fav – its so clever yet insightful with the choice of words.

Its not just applicable to travel quotes or being an expat or nomadic.

But self-development and growing as an individual!

Quote 13

This travel quote might not seem obvious.

But it is covering the fact that once you commit to something, such as travelling abroad or moving abroad even more so, you become invested in yourself.

You make that effort to persevere with more things as by taking that plunge to travel or move abroad that is already a big step.

Deep stuff eh?

Its fine, being deep is all good and not something to discourage!

Quote 14

I love this quote for its perceptiveness and the fact you really only know a place once you connect with the people.

They speak its history, its culture better than anyone.

I have learnt more from locals than any other way when travelling.

And l know so much more because of them, making it a more authentic experience.

Read more on being a more ethical and sustainable traveller here.

Quote 15

Now this inspiring travel quote, could be a motivational quote right?

Its pretty widely applicable!

In fact, you can read 50 motivational quotes right here.

But also ponder how relatable these words are, and that its as much about the journey as the destination!

Quote 16

Now this is a very true, fair quote.

Its one we should ALL remember, be it as travellers, nomads or expats.

We are guests in a foreign country and should abide by THEIR customs or principles.

Only when and if we have lived there long enough to become citizens are we begin to question aspects.

(Oh and sorry its a slightly longer quote…)

Quote 17

Now, this is probably my 2nd favourite quote.

Or at least my 3rd…

I dont know, alright?

I’m just emphasising how much l like it based on its relevance and simplicity.

Quote 18


Another slightly longer quote…

Though to be fair, l have made them all into stylish pins already so not that bad eh?

Now this, takes a moment to ponder, but the idea that long-term travel is consider nonviable as a way to live is silly.

Increasingly, people can and choose to do it.

Being nomadic has always been a thing – modern times just make it more mainstream.

Quote 19

Ahh a nice short, inspiring travel quote.

And a quote that can be applied to SO much more than just travel.

Personal development, motivation, destiny, Name it.

This is a simple, but very powerful quote, which l found relevant to me when l chose to move and work abroad!

Quote 20

Last up, but in my top 5 of the fav travel quotes on this list.

Being English-Russian, l have often felt not only attached to the UK where l grew.

Wanting to live briefly in Russia, before then living in others to complement and achieve my personal or professional goals.

Some might seeing it as not fitting in.

But thats negative.

See it more as being outgrown of your local area and wishing to spread your wings.

To push your boundaries, get out of your comfort and so on.

Some other strong words there eh?

Takeaways – short quotes travel lovers always value

With that, you have 20 of the best but short quotes wanderlusts and even expats so love, so relate too.

Indeed, many are good life mottos period!

And now that you’ve got that travel bug why not check out how you can do so more safely during these pandemic times by reading this.

I like keeping these quotes in mind because they are short and sweet.

Moving abroad has made me relate to some a lot more too.

Perhaps they have for you? Have they inspired you to consider living or moving overseas?

Check out this post on how to do just that!

What do you think of these quotes? Have you any other equally inspiring but equally short?

Leave me a comment!


  • Pyotr Kurzin is the founder of My Global Muse, a space to talk about travel, sustainability, wellbeing and more. He works in climate change and humanitarian affairs, while loves to travel, dive, learn and more in his free time.

Pyotr Kurzin

Pyotr Kurzin is the founder of My Global Muse, a space to talk about travel, sustainability, wellbeing and more. He works in climate change and humanitarian affairs, while loves to travel, dive, learn and more in his free time.


Sara · 19 July 2020 at 01:28

Great list! I love all your visual designs too 🙂

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