Vision board quotes?

Now why would someone need something like that?

Well, even with the best of intentions, we will all have an off a day.

A day, or perhaps two, where we struggle to get going. Where we feel as though nothing is going our way, even when we are trying our best.

Or, perhaps those occasions where we cannot even bring ourselves to try.

Trust me. I have been there.

For those who have been reading my content for a while, you’ll know that l have suffered with inconsistent motivation, even relating to developing and running this blog.

Read more about that here.

While l found the motivation to start it, the momentum has gradually reduced, and combined with trying to do a full-time job, alongside dealing with long-distance from family, it has been challenging.

Read up with 50 motivational quotes

And all those stresses, all those distractions, unsurprisingly can drain motivation.

Does this sound familiar?  Perhaps you are motivated, but need an additional boost? Or perhaps, there is something you want to do, but you’re lacking the motivation to start it?

Well, this post is precisely for you.

Be it for a simple refreshing of your motivation, or an entire motivational rejuvenation, here are 50 vision board quotes guaranteed to get you going once more.

Pin them. Share them. Heck even print them.

Do whatever necessary to keep that motivation UP.

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These vision board quotes apply to anything

Now, why 50?

Well, because when was overabundance a bad thing for motivation and inspiration!

Plus, l might just need a frequent reminder at times…

Quote 1 – just start

One of my personal favs, to start of the list is a motivational quote about, well, getting started.

How many times can you think of times when you’ve thought of doing something, but then thought about it SO much, you actually get put off by it?

For me, TOO many times.

Its the classic case of making a mountain out of a molehill.

If there are things you want to do, or achieve, just start.

You’ll learn along the way and reach your goals way sooner.

Quote 2 – build on it

Now why is this a good quote?

One word: simplicity!×1024.jpg

One of the biggest obstacles to motivation and obtaining what you want, is overthinking stuff or not following just believing in yourself.

I experience this. My parents experienced it. We all experience it.

Point is, if you have a dream, then you’ve must believe in it to build and achieve it!

Quote 3 – we face ourselves

Often enough, our biggest enemy or at least opposition will be ourselves.

That is certainly the case for me.

So, we are able to overcome ourselves, our doubts, our scepticism, we really can stay motivated and achieve that goal.

Indeed, learn to conquer your inner demons and there will be little to hold you back.

Quote 4 – the little things

This motivational quote is terrific because it reminds us of the small adding up to the big.

All those little efforts one makes, will overtime, come to result in huge results.

Indeed, it shows the value of continually plugging away.

Or simply, little bits of motivation accumulate to mean something grand!

Quote 5 – be you

A play on the words, believe in yourself, this motivational quote is great because of how frank it is.

Whose life are you living?


Or one that everyone else and society deems you should be?

Exactly, be who you want to be. As long as it doesn’t come at the expense of others.

Quote 6 – see the positivity

As vision board quotes go, this is all about perception and positivity.

Half the time, the biggest issue one can have is focusing on the negatives.

This only makes things worse.

Instead, do this:

  • for every situation that didn’t go your way, observe why and understand what you learn from it
  • for every situation that did go your way, enjoy it and still understand what you can learn from it so you can repeat it

Always, try to focus on the positives. It will serve you will.

Quote 7 – focus yourself

A classic motivational quote, but also a classic motivational challenge.

We lose motivation when we focus on what is going wrong or could go wrong!

Really, things that may not even happen!

We worry about them?!?

So, instead focus on your original goal.

That keeps your motivation up, but also will allow you to develop workarounds when you do encounter issues.

Because, inevitably, life will throw some at you.

Quote 8 – never give up

And why focusing on your goals is one aspect, you MUST also never give up on them!

Cliche or not, the sentiment stands for a reason.

And captures the essence of quotes made for vision boards.

If l, you, or anyone we know simply gives up on what they desire, well then what?

Where would be?

Absolutely nowhere. We would never have progressed past many of our fellow animals.

So get motivated, and do not give up.

Quote 9 – hard to beat

You know what the value of someone is who never gives up?

They are near impossible to beaten.

Be that competitively, or even as profound as mentally, people who remain resilient will never be beaten.

While we all will have dips and wobbly moments, remaining driven and committed to ones goals or dreams will make them hard to beat.

So, remember.

Remain motivated and you remained strong.

Quote 10 – trust your gut

Now, when it comes to motivation, a huge obstacle is self-doubt.

We may lose our drive because we feel things just aren’t going our way or keep disrupting us.

But if we develop greater belief in where we are and what we are doing this will have a profound impact on our mindset.

Not just confidence, but with motivation.

Find that inner belief, inner trust things are heading in the right direction and that will stimulate you to help them along.

We will be able to create our own reality simply.

Quote 11 – believe your potential

Much like not wanting to underestimate the trust we should have in ourselves, we MUST NEVER ignore our potential.

Frequently, we will have the capacity to do something, no, anything.

Isnt that a powerful motivational quote?

But we either lack the belief or motivation to see it through.

Because we do not realise our own potential.

So, look inside yourself and consider you’re more capable than you perceive and can do that thing you want to do.

Quote 12 – doubt kills

Again, much like not realising our potential, those sorts of feelings stem from self-doubt.

Certainly, for me self-doubt can be a sneaky one that undermines my motivation in areas.

I doubt about succeeding or dislike failure, that this prevents me doing anything at all.

And that is pointless.

Since, at least if l try l can learn something from it and improve myself.

Which will be of more benefit than any self-doubt will.

Quote 13 – test yourself

And you know the way to overcome self-doubt?

By doing some new everyday.

Motivational quotes or not.

Seriously, it makes a difference to push your boundaries and experience new things.

Might just be what you need to spark your motivation again.

This is one of my favourite quotes. I have it on my own vision board.

Quote 14 – impossibility is one option

No matter the task or the goal in hand, unless you’re trying to reverse time, it should not be impossible.

Again, thinking that way serves to demotivate you and make you doubtful.

The worst of both worlds.

It is wise to know somethings will be hard, very hard even, but not impossible.

At seeing something as impossible is a mindset and one at odds with motivation.

Quote 15 – excitement not fear

Never allow those feelings of negativity to outweigh those ones of positivity.

If you do, you’ll lose your motivation.

By focusing on that enjoyment by succeeding, you keep your eyes on the prize and won’t be swayed.

Plus, how much better is excitement than fear anyway?

Quote 16 – right doesnt mean easy

Keeping motivation truly appears from keeping it when the going gets tough.

Doing what is right, does always mean its easy.

Actually, quite rarely in fact.

But, keeping that motivation for the long-term ensures that the right path will gradually get easier.

Quote 17 – thank yourself

Indeed, even if the right is tough, because its the right one, your future self will appreciate what you went through.

You eventually reap the rewards and gain faith in yourself from your past choices.

I know plenty of things l have done which l value my past self choosing.

And l do not regret them.

That always reignites my motivation when l need it.

Quote 18 – impossibility is an opinion

The notion of what is possible and what is impossible is highly subjective.

What one person thinks, isnt what YOU may think.

So, if there is something you desire, don’t be deterred.

Now hows that as motivational quotes go?

Keep that motivation and strive to prove those who see something as impossible wrong.

Make the impossible, possible.

Quote 19 – expect to achieve

For you to really have and keep that motivation, you must see it within yourself too.

If you don’t expect great things, how can you achieve them ?

Much of our motivation comes internally, so if we find that inside ourselves we shall realise what we desire.

It comes backs to about seeing our potential.

Quote 20 – dont ask permission

Now this one empathises that you needn’t constantly seek guidance or acceptance.

If you do, then how can you truly be motivated?

You wouldn’t question adding it to your vision board would you?

Because if you aer, you will keep at it, regardless of what anyone says.

You want that thing, so you should, not need to seek anyone else’s approval.

Get up and go after it.

Quote 21 – create a future

Why wait for the future to be made or told to you?

If you want a specific future, the best way to guarantee it is to create it yourself.

Having that outlook will be a fantastic drive for your motivation.

Plus, it will help you be more ceative in other ways.

Quote 22 – hold the vision

Alongside creating a future you want, you need to trust the process to get there.

The journey is as crucial as the destination.

Sometimes even more so!

So to be motivated means to be trustful in yourself and the process because in doing so allows you to reach your goals.

Quote 23 – world is beautiful

Now, a personal motivation tactic of mine is just simply looking around me and remember how beautiful the world is.


Couldn’t care less, since we’re all so lucky to be here. Sharing this amazing place, having these amazing experiences.

I, personally, am always by the fact we are just here.

Like why, how?

And all that keeps or pushes me to be motivated so l can make the best of it.

Try it, you’ll be amazed.

Quote 24 – goals are flexible

These words are so pertinent.

Often, our goals can just be steps on the path to something bigger, broader vision.

In life, we need to remain flexible enough to adjust and accommodate the unknowns.

Because of we don’t?

Then we may be so rigid that our motivation completely unravels.

And it can be hard to restore.

So, keeping an awareness of goals not being set in stone can keep our drive up long-term.

Quote 25 – stop when done

Now, with this motivational quote the idea isn’t to work yourself into the ground.

No amount of motivation will overcome exhaustion…

No, it is about not just stopping when things are a little tougher or feel easier.

Regardless of the difficulty, you want that motivation to carry to the point where you achieve your origin goal.

(Just remember that goals may change too!)

Quote 26 – day one or not

Procrastination is the antithesis of motivation.

And trust me, that is coming from a professional procrastinator!

But the idea of this being the start something new or just another day is powerful.

Its a powerful motivator as it makes me think about how much l really want something.

And if it works for me, it will work for you!

Quote 27 – work hard

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you will need to work hard.

Harder still.

For many, this is the biggest challenge to keeping motivation.

And trust me, l know how it feels.

I have been there, and continue to be with different elements of life.

But then, l look at what l would prefer to remember about that period.

Giving up or pushing on?

Quote 28 – growth is just that

So, even when things seem or get harder perseverance is crucial.

Because any growth is still growth.

Not losing motivation, but focusing on the small wins will accumulate into great satisfaction.

Again, it all adds up!

Quote 29 – hard days define you

The tough days maketh the man.

Isn’t that how the quote goes? Is that a motivational quote?

Oh, something like that! The point is that at times of hardship, we make ourselves.

The harder days make us stronger, better, wiser, and give us that inner motivation to succeed.

When can you remember an easy day that really defined you?

Quote 30 – go anywhere

As much a motivational quote as a travel quote, the only direction one should be heading is FORWARD.

Not sideways.

And definitely not backwards.

Keeping sites of what is ahead of you or what you want to be ahead of you will push up that motivation.

And that motivation will keep you pushing forward.

See that positive feedback loop?

Quote 31 – dont limit yourself

Perspective can often be everything.

That includes with perspective on being motivated!

Sometimes what seems like a limit is all in your head.

And a simple shift in perception can make you challenge those limits!

A quintessential example of an inspirational caption for Instagram, perhaps?

Quote 32 – you find success

Much like perspective is a crucial factor, so is proactivity.

Being proactive means you remain motivated because you are continually working towards what you desire.

Who ever, in history, ever just woke up and was successful at something?


Unless that thing is about waking up…

Quote 33 – be who you envisage

An optimal way to find motivation and continually keep it, is to envisage who it is you want to be.

By doing so, you hold yourself accountable and will quickly become dissatisfied if you’re not being your best self.

I wanted to be more sustainable so started following these tips shown here.

Similar to realising your full potential, if you don’t like how you’re being at one point then you’ll be motivated to do something about it.

So, consider who it is you believe you want to be and start living like that.

For me, there is nothing more motivating.

Quote 34 – focus on you

Sometimes the biggest hindrance to motivation is being too hard on oneself.

And that includes by clutching onto issues or things one cannot control.

Indeed, life is challenging at times and it may be necessary to let go of certain things for the short-term in favour of the long-term.

Being shaken is perfectly natural, being affected is completely understandable, but its not what one should be focused on.

There are only so much motivational quotes can do for instance.

Focusing on what you can do, instead of what you cannot, will serve to ignite your drive and keep it going.

Trust me, l fully relate to it.

Quote 35 – lose that fear

When one wishes to be creative, feelings of negativity or fears of being wrong are the biggest hurdles.

And that can really disrupt ones desire to keep going or even worse, get going, with their personal goals.

But being wrong is nowhere near as bad as being lazy and not doing anything.

You’ll be far less satisfied not at least seeing what could have been, than looking and think ‘what if’.

Quote 36 – work to be known

Nothing will be more satisfying than the moment when someone recognises you and your skill.

It will make all those days of hard work worthwhile and make you driven to keep building.

Its not about the fame or recognition even.

But about making an impact and leaving a legacy which you can be proud of because of the work you did to achieve your desires.

Quote 37 – be wise

Again, at times life and events will really bite you.

They will get to you and will make you question whether its worth what you’re doing.

But each and every experience can and should be moulded into something to learn from.

Because otherwise it’ll just be a waste.

Those wounds wont completely disappear, so why not utilise them productively to better yourself.

Quote 38 – start being your best self

The power of visualising your desired future or desired self is a strong one and one that will really push you.

I am confident we all have envisaged someone who, we least feel, is a better or refined version of ourselves.

So, if you have this idea of a better you, what is stopping you from just being a better you?


Just start doing little things to build into that person you want to be.

That will improve your personal development as much as your motivation for sure!

Quote 39 – change it up

Now this motivational quote might seem a little convoluted, but it essentially talks about the need to make a change.

If you’re not satisfied with where or what you’re doing then you need to mix things up.

If doing so, that will ignite your motivation because you feel fresh, you feel rejuvenated to start again.

Monotony is the killer of motivation.

So, if you always do the same thing you’ll never feel different and therefore feel a drive to act differently.

So mix it up!

Quote 40 – become over acquire

Wanting to succeed so you can achieve better things is completely understandable.

But it shouldn’t be the primary goal.

Instead, it should be about bettering yourself and achieving personal growth.

Since this is what you will live with for your whole life.

And who you are, is far more defining and motivating than what you own.

Quote 41 – consistency is key

A crucial aspect of any progression is consistency.

Heck, take blogging!

It’s a HUGE part of succeeding in blogging is consistently posting, writing updating and so on.

While there will be parts of something you’re not content with – my website there are bits l like to tweak – its better to be continually adding than simply agonising over minor imperfections.

Perfectionism is bad, its just less useful than consistency.

That sounds like its own motivational quote?!

Quote 42 – fear is just a feeling

This is great as both an affirmation and motivational quote!

Retaining that awareness that fear is a sense just like any other means you have the power and ability to overcome it.

Simply, believe in yourself and your abilities.

You NEVER know what is possible if you just take the plunge and dont let fear get a hold of you.

Quote 43 – be enthused

Now this motivational quote reminds us to be resilient no matter what!

And to not lose your sense of humour or energy either.

Eventually, you will be successful.

You will obtain what you want when you work for it, but whats as critical is not allowing the process to affect your mindset.

You’ll lose far more if you don’t stay energised and positive.

Quote 44 – create opportunities

I don’t think l need to really outline the details of this.

Simply, if you do nothing. Nothing will happen.

Motivational quotes are useful but not if you dont enact on them.

You need to go out there and get them.

Or better yet, create them!

Quote 45 – build a door

Much like quote 44, this is about making those opportunities happen.

And thinking outside the box.

Being innovative with what you want to achieve and how to go about it is a great way to build up that motivation.

Just because opportunity does not appear before you doesn’t mean its not there.

Just need to find it!

Quote 46 – make a new path

Much like if opportunity does not knock you build a door, one should also carve a new path if their current is dis-satisfactory.

Take a new road if your discontent on your current!

Now hows that for a motivational quote?

I do not like to use words ‘make your own destiny’ but the point of your actions impact your life is true.

So, if your dissatisfied, don’t just stay on the same path!

Quote 47 – improve yourself

This is one of personal favourites.

As its so simple but powerful.

A shift of perspective again – focusing on yourself and not those around you.

Don’t get angry or disgruntled when things aren’t going your way.

No, change to improving yourself worth and that will heighten your motivation no question.

Quote 48 – tears arent a bad thing

As a man, l have been given the impression that showing humility or vulnerability is a weakness.

We must all be hard and never affected by negative events.


While you shouldn’t be a blubbernaut – you should not be afraid to show your vulnerabilities.

Its not a weakness. It shows your are human.

And if people ridicule you for it, then they are not worth your time or people to be around.

Remove them from your surroundings and most crucially, PROVE THEM WRONG.

Now thats motivation!

Quote 49 – you have the power

Another amazing affirmation and motivational quote, you really do hold the power.

Its all about that motivation to make a change or achieve that goal.

Plus, don’t backdrops like these make for inspirational beach quotes?

If you keep in your head you wont be able to do it…

Well, surprise! You wont.

So find that inner power to get going.

Quote 50 – always learn more

Now, this is not about undermining your ability.

No, it is about reminding you there is always more we can learn.

Always more we can do to improve ourselves.

And, that if anything should be motivation to never stop going.

Its what propels me forward as l love to learn and like to feel l know a decent amount a subject.

I’m certain there are things you feel you know, but then may meet others who know more.

Why settle for being a mediocre?

Be that best version of yourself.

Takeaways – some new ideas for vision board quotes

And there, before you know it is you have dozens of quote potential for your vision board.

Or perhaps simply your next inspirational captions for Instagram.

Certainly, motivation can escape us all.

But hopefully these quotes and affirmations remind you to push on.

That can be hard when you suffer from anxiety – even if it relates to the environment. Read more here.


  • realise your full potential
  • if you dislike something change it
  • envisage who you want to be and be them
  • dont’t focus on whats wrong but what you can do

Of course, there will be days where motivation is so hard to come by.

And that is ok – we are all human.

But the point is not to let it dictate your life. Motivation is not something you just get and keep.

You must continually work at it.

Do you have any favourite motivational quotes? What do you think about these ones?

Leave me a comment below.



  • Pyotr Kurzin is the founder of My Global Muse, a space to talk about travel, sustainability, wellbeing and more. He works in climate change and humanitarian affairs, while loves to travel, dive, learn and more in his free time.

Pyotr Kurzin

Pyotr Kurzin is the founder of My Global Muse, a space to talk about travel, sustainability, wellbeing and more. He works in climate change and humanitarian affairs, while loves to travel, dive, learn and more in his free time.


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