So who is Pyotr Kurzin?

The Short Version

I did not have a say in the piggyback…

Hiya, I am Pyotr. The guy behind My Global Muse.

And l am an entrepreneurial, humanitarian, naturalist (not that kind) and all-round cosmopolitan man of the world.

At least, that is what l am going for.

What l am certain on, however, is that l have a vision. A vision to be able to produce content and inspire informed change to people’s travel and lifestyle.

Intrigued? I hope so, and if so, please check out this specific post about the blog!

The Longer Version – why to read My Global Muse

One’s life is determined by the choices we make, sprinkled with some destiny and luck. 

The more l go through life, the more l feel the pertinency of those words.

And why l am saying this?

Because we all have choices in life. And my goal with this blog is to help you make more informed ones. 

Though l appreciate photography, this isn’t a photography blog. Though l like fashion, this isn’t a fashion blog. And though l certainly love to eat, this is isn’t a cookery blog.

My Global Muse is a blog about travel, sustainability and living well, sure.

But it is also a platform where l discuss subjects straightforwardly and share my experiences as l work to improve myself. 

To be that person l envisage l can and should be. 

And share times when l fall short – which, most often, will be because of myself. 

We can all relate to that. Right?

You will want to read and subscribe because you’re motivated to better yourself, learn about being greener and taking FULL appreciation for the world around. 

I mean, who doesn’t want to live up to their potential?

We are all on a journey, both our own, but with each other – its a weird paradox.

My point is, that we can all learn from each other and THAT is why My Global Muse is worth reading. 

To enable YOU to come away, having learnt something new, feeling more curious or at least, slightly entertained.

Just to make things a little different.

Putting oneself out there is a risky, even scary experience. But l am doing so because l want to make a difference. 

If you can come away feeling more aware of your actions and those of others, it will only improve not only yourself but everyone’s and equally, our relationship with the big, wide world we call home. 

Being aware means being empowered.

But why should l listen to you?

Well, as l say so eloquently above, l am a man of the world.

Broadened my horizons.

Found ways to diversify my experiences as much as possible 

Pushed myself beyond my comfort zone.

Let me be clear: l am not trying to sound cocky. It is simply crucial to have self-belief or you will never take the risks necessary to succeed. 

It means, is that l am well-aversed on what l write about.

I am qualified in the topics, l have visited the countries and l have made the achievements, so far, that allow me to say this with confidence. 

Certainly, l am still learning. We all are. But l want to inspire others to be their best selves, which l will do with My Global Muse. 

Sure the title says Pyotr, but l promise l don’t refer call myself that.

(It’s to meet my SEO recommendations…)

My background

So, l a British-Russian because of my parents being together out of unusual circumstances – the collapse of the Berlin Wall & eventually the Soviet Union to be precise.

Indeed, Pyotr is Russian for Peter. 

Sounds a bit dramatic right? Perhaps.

But its learning about, and taking pride in, one’s personal history and circumstances that make life interesting.

Honestly, it based on this, combined with travelling from 6 months, that l became fascinated with the big, wide, world – both in experiencing and studying or understanding.

Seriously, my first country was Kazahstan.

Sure, it was to see family but its not exactly the first choice that comes to mind for an infant. 

It is all well and good being in and travelling the system.

But if you do not understand how the international system works or countries interact to some extent, you will not be able to maximise what you get from your experiences.

This is Pyotr right now:
  • I graduated from Johns Hopkins in the USA, with an MA in Strategic Studies & International Economics, plus a curiosity for all things international, be that geography, diplomacy or migration,
  • Over time, l have been fortunate to travel widely, visiting 80+ currently, but with the ambition to reach 100 before l turn 30 and share as many of those experiences to enrich others adventures,
  • I am passionate about the Earth, its environment, the flora and fauna that inhabit it but most significantly our treatment upon it and the efforts being taken to ensure a long-term, constructive relationship,
  • My brief stint at the United Nations gave me the drive to work within a multilateral setting, a place where l can contribute my skills to global affairs while advocating sustainable practices,
  • And so with this blog l am to utilise it as a space to communicate on things that are important and those that deserve more attention.

Summed up?

I will combine my passions for writing, travel and sustainability with my worldly experiences, to share tips and tricks in an informal, but informative way. 

Each day represents another opportunity to be better.

More people making the little changes equals more, collective change over time. 

It all becomes quite eloquently summed up through this:

We do not need a few people doing sustainability perfectly, but many people doing sustainability imperfectly.

You just have to try.

Because really, it’s what we make of it. 

Questions or queries – contact me here.

Welcome to My Global Muse!



Sarah · 4 March 2020 at 23:53

Very interesting background! Sounds like you’ve done a lot.

What made you driven to start your own blog?

    Pyotr Kurzin · 5 March 2020 at 00:31

    Thank you, Sarah!

    I started thinking about blogging for a while but really chose to take it seriously as of this year. With all the environmental disasters happening, but my continued desire to visit and appreciate the world, l wanted to combine the two and thought a personal blog would be a good idea!

    Have you started to blog at all?

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