Fancy adding to My Global Muse?

I am always open to having contributions, guest articles, collaborations – you name it – on the blog!

As they say:

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The more guest posts mean the more perspectives, and that means higher quality content, enabling us to learn from one another, spread the message, make the world that little bit better!

So, that is why l am always keen to have move diversity.

Have an idea?

Email me at or get in touch here.

Article types for the Win

What l mean by that is that there are certain blog formats l prioritise, and that perform the best:

  • Eco-friendly product reviews – these are fun as they allow you to share your experiences with the product or brand, adding that touch of personality.
  • Destination Guides – who doesn’t like to have a premade plan already for them? These posts are great for sharing how to get the most out of a location.
  • Sustainable Accommodation Advice – it’s great to advocate for ecotourism and highlight hotels trying to be that bit greener you have stayed at
  • City Itineraries – these work for a variety of different topics such as sustainable shops, ethical or slow fashion places and vegetarian-related restaurants. The options here are pretty limitless.
  • Scuba Diving or Anything Aquatic-related – l am an avid diver and so anything diving related is very welcome. Equally, if you have something related to other water-sports or the marine environment more broadly, l would love to include it!
  • Eco-conscious Travelling Trips – as this blog does focus on travel and sustainability, it would be great to hear stories of your travels and any advice or efforts you made to be as eco-friendly as possible. Everyone’s own trip is very personal, so explaining what you did specifically would be enlightening.
  • Adventure & Solo Travels – being a globetrotter can be daunting at the best of times. Even more so when done solo or with an adventurous streak in mind.
  • Ethical Excursions or Operators – l always support any opportunities to highlight companies, activities or initiatives to be sustainable, be ethical or that engage with activism. Anything that emphasises anti-animal exploitation and looks to protect wildlife or conserve the environment are highly encouraged.

Writing Style

  • Blogging is not meant to be verbose nor pretentious but conversational and relatable.
  • Imagine you would be saying these words to a friend as you write.

  • That said, l pride in making My Global Muse a source of verifiable and educational information, where one comes away having learnt something new.
  •  Each sentence should make a point and one that makes the reader thinking.

  • Any blog article should reflect your personal style, your opinions, but again grounded in empirical evidence and research.
  • Anything claims or points made need to be substantiated with sources.

Remember the tagline:

The informal but informative blog

Content Guidelines

Minimum of 900-1100 words. The more the better – though as long as you feel you have enough to say.

Try to search Keysearch or Ubersuggest for ‘keywords’ or ‘keyphrases’ to base the article around. More-SEO targeted articles will perform better and so benefit us both!

No commercial links.

No previously published content. I am open to reorientated articles, but they should be in keeping with themes of My Global Muse and neither just copy-paste variants of other articles.

Include 2-3 links to your own blog/website or highlight to me where you want to link to your content so l know during uploading.

Links to high-quality, strong DA (domain authority) and reputable websites to legitimise points made. (I reserve the right to amend any sources l deem unsuitable or that lack credibility).

During the upload processing, l will likely need to make minor edits, such as optimising for SEO and readability. I will, of course, share them with you to review. 

Photo Guidelines

  • Depending on article length, please provide enough photos to break up the passage every 200-300 words. Meaning, at least, 3 photos.
  • Try to use images that are in keeping with the theme of not only the article but the whole website too.

  • I encourage the inclusion of personal photos! It’s great for readers to put a name to face of those who write such inspiring content.
  • Landscape ideally, but portraits if they really accentuate a specific object or person (like yourself).
  • Photos should be 1200px wide; decent resolution, so at least, 150 PPI.

Submission Guidelines

As mentioned above, either email me at or get in touch on my specific connect-with-me page. 

  • If you have been so enthusiastic you went ahead and already wrote that awesome article then submit it via the email above.
  • Add a little bio about yourself – people explain themselves best!
  • Include those 2-3 website or social media links so readers can then engage with you more.

I look forward to collabing together!

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